Who is One Tree
Web Solutions?

One Tree Web Solutions is unique, individual and focussed….. One Tree Web Solutions IS Rebecca McLeod!

That’s right, One Tree Web Solutions is one person with one major goal – to get Small Businesses online without the fuss and expense but with the personal, focussed service they deserve.

I know what you need because you are just like me – a small business working to make a buck in this ever changing world of Internet, Social Media, HTML Marketing, SEO and so on!

One Tree Web Solutions specialises in small business websites within Brisbane, QLD and afar – no distance is too great (thanks to technology) and no job is too small!

We realise the need for functionality and affordability in your Web and HTML marketing needs.

Small business websites are a reflection of your service and the needs of your customers. That’s why, at One Tree Web Solutions, during our personalised service, we will develop a website for your small business which you are proud to call your own.

When it comes to their website, Small businesses can sometimes be left in the dark (or worse, find themselves grossly overcharged).

As a small business, you may have already dabbled in setting up a website, but just need it a little more polished – here, we can help as no job is too small… Check out the Services when it comes to website maintenance or extras you might require…. or, Contact us – it costs nothing to have a chat.

One Tree understands that you may be very new to the process of “Getting on the Web”. With this in mind, we are happy to discuss all aspects you need to be aware of and ensure that you are fully informed in relation to the new area of marketing you are entering.

Don’t put your small business web presence in the ‘too hard’ basket, One Tree Web Solutions can remove the ‘techno talk’ and discuss with you ‘one on one’, getting to know your small business to ensure a result you are both happy and proud of.

Based in Brisbane, One Tree Web Solutions can meet with you in person or communicate via phone or email… whichever you are comfortable with.

Small Business Is Our Specialty

An Effective Solution?

An Effective Solution? One Tree will offer you a simple solution which will be functional, attractive and appealing to your prospective clients.

A Guiding Hand?

If you feel like you are out of touch with the whole “website thing” – One Tree is for you. My focus is on guiding you through the process: Always transparent, Always approachable.

No Lock in Contracts?

One Tree will not lock you into any contracts, providing you with freedom, and above all, control over your business website.

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